Clean Design

When time is of the essence, our team can quickly construct the clean design, stainless steel you need. From the moment you hand us detailed drawings, or simply pencil sketches, we get to fabricating the hygienic steel structures your business depends on.

Clean Design for Hygienic Equipment

It’s clear that stainless steel is an ideal building material for hygienic equipment, suited for any use. But, it’s what you do with it that truly makes it special. Stainless steel, itself, isn’t antimicrobial. That’s why we emphasize Clean Design into our structures for supporting hygienic equipment.

For instance, our structures are designed such that debris and contaminants are unable to accumulate. Hard to reach horizontal surfaces are minimized and everything is 100% welded. Whether you’re sanitizing your chute work or spraying off your work platform, bacteria have nowhere to hide. Clean Design, along with rigorous sanitary standards, allows you to successfully pass the swab tests and avoid contamination in your products.

Tough Equipment

The rigors of high-volume production can cause pits and scratches that eventually become a breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why we marry steel’s natural integrity with designs that ensure our structures stand the test of time. Working from detailed drawings or hand sketches, our millwrights can respond quickly to fabricate the hardware you need. By using the highest quality materials, we diminish your need for frequent repairs and help you reduce replacement costs.

Hygienic Designs Built for Your Industry

Stainless steel naturally fights off corrosion, reducing the dangers of cross-contamination and the spread of disease. But of course, such dangers are not entirely eliminated.

To ensure our stainless steel Clean Designs meet the highest standards, we eliminate hollow sections or 100% weld all seams. Open hollow sections can trap and hide unwanted materials and bacteria. In addition, we pitch horizontal surfaces to help with drainage during washdown procedures

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  • Platform Staircase


Platforms, stairways, handrails, and equipment supports can be designed and fabricated for easy wash-down and sanitation.
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  • Chute Work and Guards
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Chute Work and Guards

Whether you're conveying food product or bulk material, cleanability and product flow are essential factors taken into consideration with each design. Fabricating guarding to your design, we emphasize serviceability and safety lock-out.