Why WE

A Message from Our President

With a proud history of over 80 years of service to industries around the country, Westmont Engineering is constantly innovating to keep in front of the latest methods and processes. Our fabricators, installation crews, project managers and office staff are 100% committed to partnering with customers to deliver top performance and results. From installing a single piece of equipment or an entire new production line to fabricating a single chute or a complete structural addition, customers can count on Westmont’s commitment to craftsmanship and value. We invite you to become one of our successful partners.

- Doug Morey


Who WE Are

WE are Professional Installation and Fabrication Specialists

Westmont Engineering was founded in Westmont, Illinois in 1936 during the challenges of the Great Depression. Jay D. Morey would travel across the country, picking up work wherever available, including mission-critical conveyor systems for the USPS. Soon joined by his sons Stillman and Howard, the Morey family was dedicated to building Westmont Engineering based on hard work done well.

Over the years, Westmont developed expertise in installations across a wide variety of projects. These installations have spanned from high-rise window washers to malted milk ball machines. Westmont has done it all—from fabricating a 30ft. diameter automatic turntable, to a customized porpoise gate for Brookfield Zoo. As client needs have grown, so have Westmont’s capabilities.

We added internal fabrication capabilities and equipment, including a new state of the art beamline and high definition plasma table to better manage projects, budgets and timelines. Westmont has also innovated specialized methods for fabricating clean design structural platforms to meet the hygienic needs of food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies while simultaneously reducing installation time.

WE the People

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Project Management

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Project Management

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Project Management

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Accounts Receivable

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Marketing and Purchasing

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