Structural Fabrication

One of our specialties is true: in-house metal fabrication. We can produce the structures you need without taking up time and space on site. It makes us more flexible, too. By working in our controlled environment, even last-minute structural changes can be implemented in an expedient and cost-effective manner.

On-Site Metal Fabrication & Assembly

Often, installation schedules are extremely tight. In a matter of days, we can install custom equipment platforms.

To achieve this, Westmont makes steel sections as large as will fit through your doors, in your elevators, and in your corridors. We then pre-assemble the metal fabrications in our shop to ensure on-site assembly and installation are completed smoothly and in the shortest time possible.

In-House Beam Line

Westmont can help cut fabrication time and cost. With our new in-house high-definition plasma beam line, we can make high-quality parts faster and at less expense. By pre-assembling in our shop, you know everything will fit together with no guesswork at the jobsite.

Controlled Metal

By doing everything in-house, we can take the time and care necessary to tailor metal fabrications to your specific needs. Do you have a space that’s challenging for installation? With careful measurement and planning, we know beforehand that everything will fit just right. Not only that, since we’re in our own environment, we can start post-haste. By working with our own expedited timetable, we can craft the structures you want and deliver in the time you need. Not only do we ensure that your structure will fit in your site, we can construct it in a time that fits your schedule.

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