Week 07: Portable "Abrasive Wheels"

Portable "Abrasive Wheels"

Portable abrasive wheels can be a very dangerous tool. Their rotations create large amounts of energy that, when used improperly, can propel objects through the air, damage flesh, or cause the wheel itself to explode. Every time you use a portable abrasive wheel, it is extremely important that you take the proper precautions.

1. Check the tool over carefully

  • Is the cord in good condition?
  • Is the guard on tight?
  • Are the washers full size? They should just cover the paper washers that are glued onto the wheel.
  • Does the trigger work right? It should cut off the juice when you take your fingers off.
  • Does the wheel run smoothly and without vibration?

2. Wear the proper protective equipment

  • Wear goggles and safety shoes.
  • Wear any other necessary PPE.
  • Seek assistance if you are unsure about the appropriate PPE.

3. Check the area around the job

  • Pick up any loose objects or debris. If there is anything you can not pick up that you might trip over, like a pipe, notice where it is and keep clear of it.
  • Decide where you want to run the extension cord. You do not want anyone to trip over it or interfere with it, and you do not want to get your feet tangled in it.
  • Ensure that all other employees are a safe distance away.